January is here! And yes, perhaps it isn’t quite the “New Year, New Start” we all would like right now but let’s be frank: has January ever been the most exciting month of the year?  One could argue that if you’re going to be in a lockdown, there isn’t really a better time of the year to be in one.  With more exercise, healthier eating and decluttering some of the top new year’s resolutions, there is no denying that being in a lockdown makes some of these goals easier to achieve.  Who knows?  This might be the year we actually manage to accomplish such grand resolutions! 

Of course, new year’s resolutions don’t have to be all doom and gloom involving deprivation and hard work.  There can also be some plans of fun things to do and here at Hotel Isaacs, we have been putting together our own bucket lists of all the wonderful things we want to do this year post-lockdown, not that we need much reminding of the great city we live in.

Anyway,  in the meantime, let’s remind ourselves of all the great things we still have on offer for our guests and friends.

1) Essential and compassionate stays:  

Our bedrooms and self-catering apartments are still open for guests who may be essential workers or travelling on business as well as those needing accommodation for compassionate reasons.  Check out our website for the best rates or give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through your options during this period.


2) Bumper Voucher Sale:  

January isn’t January without some great sales and we’ve jumped on the bandwagon to create some post-festive feel-good joy. We figure having some things to look forward to can take the sting out of these trying days so if you’re thinking of your next trip away or know someone who deserves a break, why not consider giving them a voucher for our boutique city-centre hotel? We’ve extended our voucher sale offering an extra 20% off.  Buy a €60 voucher for €50, buy €100 for €80 or €120 for €100. Vouchers can also be redeemed in our award-winning Greenes Restaurant or Ireland’s number one cocktail, bar, Cask.

3) Greenes Click ‘n’ Collect:  

Speaking of all things culinary, every Wednesday-Sunday Greenes Restaurant is offering you the chance to add some diversity to your week with a tantalising menu of gourmet goodness to tempt you. Simply pop online to check out this week’s menus. Just make sure you order early as slots fill fast. 

food from Greenes

4) Cask is Deliverooing!!! 

Never ones to rest on their laurels, Cask are devlierooing around the city these days from Wednesday-Sundays so if you fancy a night off cooking and feel in the mood for some cocktails and delicious comfort food, pop on Deliveroo or give them a call to arrange collection on 021-4500913.

5) Beautiful walks:

Okay, yes, this technically isn’t ours but we just had to mention how much we are loving all the gorgeous walks around Cork City these days, most within 5-20 minutes of our doorstep.  It really is a walker’s paradise. We can’t quite decide which we like best: the picturesque Fitzgerald’s Park, the Lee Fields or the tranquility of the Lough not forgetting the numerous bridges along the banks of Cork’s Lovely Lee.

 image of river lee

So yeah, perhaps January isn’t so bad after all?

About The Author

Colette is a hotel receptionist working at Hotel Isaacs Cork. Her favourite part of the job is meeting the many guests coming from all corners of the globe and sharing with them all the wonders that Cork City and County has to offer. One of her great passions is travelling and exploring new places especially museums, galleries and castles. "One of the things I feel very strongly about is how so many people in Ireland are completely unaware of some of the hidden treasures right on their door-steps. When people go abroad, they push themselves to see all the cultural delights on offer but too often, they have no idea how great what is right in front of them, readily available every day is. I came to Cork as a student in 2008 and I too limited myself and didn't push myself to explore. It took a friend to take me off and show me how truly amazing this city and county is and this is what I want to share with my guests and readers.

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