Hidden within the bustling city of Cork is Nano Nagle place. A tribute to the Cork Native Nano Nagle, one of Ireland’s most famous women.

Who was Nano Nagle?

Also known as ‘the lady of the lantern’, Nano Nagle lived in the time of the Penal laws in Ireland. Laws that stopped Catholics from receiving an education. Being from a wealthy family Nano too part in a great deal of charity work for Ireland’s poor. Despite the risk of imprisonment Nano set up several secret schools to educate the Cork catholic community. At nighttime she frequently visited the poor of Cork city, as the streets were then dark and dangerous, she used a lantern giving her the name she became famous for.

Nano Nagle Place

Today Nano Nagle place covers over 3 acres and focuses on her original vision of education. With museums, gardens and heritage rooms Nano Nagle place is a must-see for the history of Cork. Just a 15 minute walk from Hotel Isaacs Cork in the Victorian Quarter, the perfect place to explore Cork City.

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