Triskel Theatre in Cork City set up to showcase a film

Going to the cinema may not be seen as one of the best things to do when one is visiting a new place. Who wants to be stuck in a dark auditorium when there are sights to be seen, places to be explored and bars to be frequented? Well, let what you know about cinemas be overturned and say hello to Triskel Christchurch , a thriving arts and cultural centre in the heart of Cork City.

Located less than 10 minutes’ walk from our c...

Nano Nagle's Interactive Exhibition in the heart of Cork City near Hotel Isaacs

Opened last summer, the Nano Nagle Centre is the new kid on the block on Cork’s eclectic visitor trail and is a must for any visitor looking for something a little different, something beyond the typical museum or gallery experience. The €10.5 million refurbishment of a historic convent and school as a heritage centre serves as a fantastic living showcase of one of Ireland’s greatest social justice pioneers.

Young boy looking through telescope at Blackrock Castle Observatory

Whilst travelling, as much as I love ticking off all the must-do attractions of a city, I always try to find time to do something a bit off-the-beaten-track; something different that won’t necessarily be on every visitor’s list. If you are looking for such an experience here in Cork, Blackrock Castle might be just what you need.

Somewhat overshadowed by the fame of Blarney, Blackrock Castle is located less than 15 minutes ...

Glucksman Art Gallery award winning building located in UCC near Hotel Isaacs Cork

“Sad because people say they don’t understand - you don’t need to! Just enjoy!”
I like art galleries. I find them peaceful places to while away a couple of hours especially given our recent bout of crazy weather. Yet, one of the things that always frustrate me about visiting exhibitions is the constant search for meaning in the work and the inevitable frustration when it so often eludes me. As such, seeing this bright comment card proudly on display in the

People exploring the gardens surrounding  Blarney castle which is easily accessible from Hotel Isaacs Cork

Blarney Castle - probably one of Ireland’s most popular attractions is located only 9km from Hotel Isaacs and is the perfect spot if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and experience all the glories of the Irish countryside, a mere 15 minute drive away (or alternatively take the 215 bus running on a half-hourly basis). Regardless of whether you are a local or visiting Cork for the first time, Blarney is one of the must-do things for your stay. Going to Cork and not going to ...